Follow Hull City v Newcastle United on Twitter

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Twitter, the social network website beloved by celebrity users like Stephen Fry, Barack Obama, Jonathan Ross and Terry Dolan.*

Twitter consists of short, lightning-quick text updates, viewable to anyone on most modern mobile phones or on any computer – so it seems a perfect way of spreading football information too.

At the weekend I followed a Hull KR game courtesy of the club’s official Twitterer,, and the brevity and speed of the updates gave it an exciting. breathless feel.

Since Hull City’s communications with fans lags way behind the Robins nowadays – and let’s not dwell on that too long for the moment – City fans will need to cover the games via Twitter ourselves.

So, starting with the crucial 12-pointer with Newcastle United on Saturday, why not join in and send real-time news, views, musings, observations, gallows humour and suicidal shrieks to Twitter? That’s whether you’re watching in the flesh at the Circle or on a hooky internet site.

The Three O’Clock At Kempton Hull City blog will be Twittering, once Ive finished chewing those rubbery hot dogs into submission, but anyone else can join in too.

Just sign up to Twitter and send updates, making sure you put the code #hcafc somewhere in each one.

Then all our posts will show up on ths page on Twitter Search –

You will also be able to see the latest 10 at the top of the right-hand column on The Three O’Clock At Kempton Hull City blog’s website.

Only a germ of an idea at the moment, but if it takes off, it could be a useful resource. Can’t quite tell if Michael Owen was ten yards offside, or twenty? What the hell does that Ghetto Of Excellence flag actually mean? A Twittering Hull City fan somewhere will be able to answer these, and more.

* No sign of Terry Dolan yet, I must confess.


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  1. Thanks for the mention. Twittering a live game is a proper laugh – think Cricket might be easier 😉 Especially when your laptop fails and you have to revert to the Blackberry at the back of the Roger Millward stand. Hope it goes well.

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