Hull City’s Premier League season from a clothing perspective

The budding Gok Wans over on the Amber Nectar website have knocked up a terrific review of the fashion statements worn by Hull City’s players this season.

Read it here.

There’s some amazing attention to detail – hands up who else spotted the difference between the type faces used for the numbers on the backs of shirts? Or the use of amber socks at selected games? Or the pattern on the ventilation meshing on the shirt?

In fact, I defy anyone to mention an aspect they’ve omitted in their eagle-eyed review. Go on.

However, it’s hard to agree with their description of the Hull City home and away kits as ‘beautiful’.

There’s far too much clutter on there: Umbro logo on shirt, shorts and socks; Hull City logo on shirt and shorts; Premier League logo on the shirt, Karoo/Kingston Communications logo on the chest, number and name on the back etc.

Much of this is probably required of City by the Premier League, but it does look gaudy when compared to the cleaner look of the Eighties shirts and earlier.

Like these beauties from

Hull City shirts from

Hull City shirts from


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