Download Amber & Black – The Tigers Are Back

OK, so the Pirate Bay guys are going to jail – but what the hell, let’s stick our necks out and link to a download of copyrighted material which we saw on the interwebz.

I can’t imagine this is still for sale anywhere, but anyone wants us to remove the link, please just say so and it’ll be done asap.

Anyway, for the time being, this is Amber & Black’s superb track The Tigers Are Back in MP3 format.

It’s a little bit electro and a little shouty, like Sparks or something. It was the first record I ever owned and despite years of plays, my copy has held up quite well.

I have a hazy memory of Don Robinson throwing free copies into the South Stand at one game, but I bought ours.

The best lines were, of course, “We’ll paint the town amber / And yell it out in the street / We are Hull City /
The City no one can beat.”

However, even at a young age I thought the rhyming of ‘tiger’ with ‘decider’ in the chorus was a bit dodgy.

The b-side was great too. An instrumental version, except for the Hull City players singing “We’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league” etc at the end. I don’t know if anyone has ever uploaded that to the internet, though.

The artists behind it have done lots of other stuff since, but this is their defining moment.

Download The Tigers Are Back here from

(Click on download and ignore all the attempts it makes to sell you a premiumn account. Just put up with the ads for 90 seconds and the Free download button will appear).


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