Government rejects Dean Windass statue plea

586 people signed a petition on the 10 Downing Street website demanding a statue of Hull City icon Dean Windass be erected in Hull.

Today, the Government said no, using such typically bureaucratic phrases that it’s guaranteed to make your eyes glaze over.

This was the wording of the petition, started by Jonathan Crumpton:

“For the people of Hull, Deano Windass is a living legend. For the past 15 years Deano, as he is affectionatly known by his fans, has graced the turf for many football teams in the north of England becoming an instant fan favourite. However he is not adored as much as he is by his home time fans of Hull City. Scoring goals and more goals for every club he has played for, Deano is considered one of the finest strikers to have played in the Football League in the past decade. In Hull he is a hero to all football fans and is still performing at a high level even at the tender age of 38. A great example to all youngsters for is hard work, self preservation, attitude and joy of the game. For these reasons I feel we should commemorate his hard work and achievements upon a plinth. Every Hullensian would welcome this and feel it due. So come Tigers, sign up!.”

And here, zzzz, is the Government’s response:

“Statues and memorials are not normally sponsored by central Government but usually result from private initiatives.  The promoters of a statue or memorial can achieve their aims by setting up a Charitable Trust, identifying a site and commissioning a designer, raising the necessary finance and obtaining the appropriate consents from the relevant planning authorities.”

So, that’s that sorted – who’s up for setting up a Charitable Trust to get a Deano statue?


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