Hull City 1 Liverpool 3 – Twitter match commentary

Here’s how Twitter users reported Hull City’s 1-3 defeat at home to Liverpool.

You can get plenty of polished match reports on the web – but here are the off-the-cuff remarks from fans at the game or watching on hooky internet connections.

andymedcalf: I’m surprised also. Although most of scouse possession was between their back four, so it’s hardly representative of the game #hcafc

thekempton: Possession count according to tabloids this morning – #hcafc 27 per cent, Liverpool 73 per cent. Very surprising.

andymedcalf: @thekempton I didn’t think it was bad, though City players inexplicably kept losing their footing. Liv players too easily went down. #hcafc

thekempton: Apparently a Scouser sat in the East Stand got gobby when Liverpool scored against #hcafc and got filled in.

thekempton: #hcafc Benitez said pitch was terrible. Ball was like a rabbit bouncing up and down.

thekempton: #hcafc Liverpool score – 3-1. Game over. First legit goal they’ve scored against us out of five this season.

thekempton: #hcafc Manucho on for Boateng

thekempton: #hcafc oh yeah, Mendy and Cousin on for Fagan and Barmby a while back.

thekempton: #hcafc 2-0 down. Lucas handled in build-up to the goal according to Setanta.

thekempton: #hcafc hard to tell if Folan gave the Liverpool defender a sly kick or whether he was trying to jump over him. Innocuous either way.

thekempton: #hcafc Folan straight red for clash with their defender.

thekempton: #hcafc fat Setanta pundit says we’re playing like tigers today and not as previous weeks like Tigger the Frosties tiger. Er, that’s Tony.

thekempton: #hcafc Mascherano clutched his leg to win the free-kick like he’d been bludgeoned with a baseball bat, yet he wasn’t touched. Disgraceful.

thekempton: #hcafc 0-1 a few seconds before half-time for second week in row. Fromrebound from a free-kick which was a ridiculous, blatant dive. Cruel.
barog: Looked like a dive from SE corner #Hcafc

theSmaw: @barog You sound a happy bunch #hcafc

barog: Best atmosphere this season coming across well? #Hcafc

barog: Great start City #Hcafc

theSmaw: @thekempton Iraqgoals has a good stream today. Shame we haven’t closed down other teams like we are doing today #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc Great long-range shot from Geo flashes wide. Commentary is out of sync with pictures, which is about two minutes behind reality

thekempton: #hcafc Put your clog behind it, Zayatte! He’s faffing with it in the middle.

westmo: #hcafc come on citaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

thekempton: #hcafc great touch from Myhill to put Torres shot out for corner. Should have been dealt with earlier.

theSmaw: watching #hcafc on

hullkr_online: @thekempton good luck to all #hcafc speccies today

thekempton: #hcafc subs: Duke, Hughes, Garcia, Mendy, Halmosi, Cousin, Manucho.

thekempton: @adamcoatham if #hcafc got 1 point from the Liverpool, Man United and Aston Villa games I’d be delighted. Key is to beat Stoke or Bolton.

adamcoatham: @thekempton Nor me, 2nd game it’s happened to me for, couldn’t get a ticket for West Ham. Not confident today! #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc I didn’t manage to get a ticket for Liverpool game – first home game it’s happened – but will pass on anything notable from tellybox.

tomcavill: Feeling confident about #hcafc today, for some mad reason. Fagan brace to keep us afloat!

barog: Going to just relax and enjoy #hcafc today – no real expectations 🙂



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  2. […] the original post on The Three O’Clock At Kempton VN:F [1.1.9_527]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes […]

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