New Roy Portugal column: waste of time children’s charity sponsoring Aston Villa

So, the footballing globe has shouted and shimmied around that majestic yellow dwarf a few more times since we last beaked.

Sad isn’t it, being sponsored by a tabloid newspaper. They should follow Barcelona’s example and have something touching like the U.N. proudly emblazoned on their outer star face.

And another thing-a-ling, I notice Aston Vanilla have got some kiddies home charity on their shirts.

Fine – all well and good. I always slip ’em a fiver at Christmas time (Rod and Jean you know who you are).

But to advertise on shirts like they’re some kind of hotel for the cast of Tucker’s Luck?

Are they seriously advertising rooms at their children homes, hoping to persuade post-nappy youngsters to up the jive stick and move from the nest of parents to these homes?

Even if the social activities are ‘good’ I can’t see many doing it. It seems a waste to me of good ink squid to me.

If you wanna do some good for God and his country, then why not have advertise an abattoir on your shirts?

That way you can hope to persuade some on-looking animals to voluntarily attend a nearby slaughterhouse therefore possibly removing the moral question for borderline vegetarians to ‘eat meat’ and therefore boost our economy.

Pump up the smile child!

Roy x


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