Let’s Kick Leeds Out Of Football

The city of Hull – and just about every other conurbation in the Western Hemisphere – celebrated long into the night as Leeds United lost in the Division Three play-offs last night.

If you need reminding why Leeds are despised by every other set of fans, just take a look at this picture from last night’s game from the Yorkshire Evening Post website.

Leeds - the family club

Leeds - the family club

During the game Millwall’s goalkeeper was struck by a coin, while afterwards hundreds of Leeds fans rampaged through the city.

This comes after the club went unpunished for the thuggish pitch invasion during the game on the day they were relegated from the Championship. (‘Super Deano, he sent the Leeds down’).

Not to mention the way they tried to squirm their way out of punishment for going into administration.

Just what will it take for the authorities to finally kick Leeds out of football?



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  2. Leeds, Leeds, Leeds. said

    After reading the bollocks above, I think that for the first and probably only 90 minutes of my life I will be a Man Utd fan next Sunday. You’re going down.

  3. Thanks for the comment. Which bit of the blog entry is untrue, Leeds Leeds Leeds?

    * Millwall’s goalkeeper didn’t get hit by a missile?

    * Leeds fans didn’t go on the rampage after the game?

    * The photo and video of the Leeds fans on the Yorkshire Evening Post are fakes?

    * Hundreds of Leeds fans didn’t invade the pitch towards the end of your game against Ipswich when your relegation was almost sealed two years ago?

    * That you didn’t try to get out of the points deduction for going into administration (even though you agreed not to challenge this as part of the agreeement to keep the club’s golden share, you still went ahead and challenged it)?

    I will happily correct any errors.

  4. Leeds, Leeds, Leeds. said

    Ok, so factually you are probably right ( except that I thought the coin missed Milwall’s keeper). But what winds me up is why are we hated?
    It is is over 30 years since the mighty Leeds of Revie, Bremner, Giles etc were admittedly occasionally ruthless and were followed by a few unruly fans. But that was almost 40 years ago!
    Since those glory days we have won the old 1st division once and were briefly almost good under David O’Leary and Peter boom and bust Ridsdale, The heart of those teams – Strachan, McCallister, Chapman – Kewell, Woodgate and Ferdinand were a long way down anyones lists of hated footballers. So why are we still hated?

  5. Muffy said

    it wouldn’t be the first time someone connected with Hull showed a distinct aversion to the truth

  6. old blazing said

    T’would be nice to see Phil Brown and Brian Horton take over at Leeds when they are sacked for taking a half-decent side down this season. Then they can all end up in League Two where they belong.

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