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Hull City song on YouTube

If you’re bored over the summer, you might be constantly searching YouTube for Tiger tidbits. Oh? Just me then.

Here’s a Hull City song, Listen To The Tigers Roar, which I’d not heard until today by local band My Friend Stan.


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Relive that Phil Brown karaoke

Some football fans didn’t appreciate Phil Brown’s karaoke show on the pitch after the Manchester United game – and not just for the bum notes.

Those fans forget that football is supposed to be about entertainment, and that’s one thing this topsy-turvy season has provided in bucketloads.

So, to fill that void in your life marked ‘close season’, here’s that YouTube clip of Browny crooning.

Let other teams’ fans sneer if they want – they would kill to have had a season like ours.

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Watch all Hull City’s Premier League goals

For most teams, a video featuring every goal they’ve scored in the top flight would take days to watch.

For success-shy Hull City, you can just feast your eyes on this six and a half minute YouTube posting.

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