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An insight into the mind of football fans

To say it’s been a turbulent few weeks to be a Hull City fan is a vast understatement.

Adam Pearson replacing Paul Duffen in the chairman’s swivel chair; unceasing speculation about Phil Brown’s future as manager; the return to fitness of record signing Jimmy Bullard; investigations launched into our transfer dealings; and worrying noises about potential financial difficulties.

So which of the above is preying on Hull City fans’ minds most?

None, judging by the search terms fans are typing in to find this blog site. It seems there’s only one thing you want to know about – allegations of a relationship between Phil Brown and Paul Duffen’s daughter.

I have nothing to add to these rumours. I doubt whether anyone other than those directly involved know the truth. And I care not a jot either way.

However, when a caller to Radio Humberside mentioned it after the Portsmouth game, presenter David Burns was quick to tell them there was no truth in the rumours whatsoever. That’s probably about as close we’ll get to an official statement on it.

So can we move on from this speculation please and talk about the footy?


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