Tonight, Matthew, Billy Whitehurst is Roy Orbison

Hull City’s undisputed number one folk hero Billy Whitehurst is captured here singing Roy Orbison’s Penny Arcade.

It seems to be raw footage from a documentary titled Big Bad Billy, though I’m not sure if it’s been screened already or if it’s upcoming.

A few years ago I was in touch with someone who was writing a biography of Billy, which hasn’t seen the light of day, and I heard a TV crew were hoping to make a documentary about it, so it could be connected to these projects.

I will endeavour to try and find some more details for you.

Anyway, on with the music. The publisher has prevented anyone from embedding the video on other sites, so you’ll have to click on this YouTube here to watch Billy’s karaoke.

Musical verdict? He has a better voice than Phil Brown, that’s for sure, though some of the high notes seem a bit painful.

Spotted something good on YouTube? Let us know.


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