Show Alan Green a league table and a map

BBC Radio Five Live commentator Alan Green really should know better. Lives in Cheshire, supports Liverpool, has covered football matches for thirty years – he’s not some braying, London-centric junior. So you’d expect him to have a rudimentary knowledge of who Hull City are, which division they are in and in which city the team plays.

But I’m reliably informed that on at least three occasions when Leeds United fans have called his radio phone-in he’s expressed the hope that the W***e S***e gain two quick promotions as ‘Yorkshire needs a Premier League team.’ Erm, excuse me, but which bit of that phrase does Hull City not fulfil?

Besides that, Sheffields United and Wednesday, Barnsley and Doncaster Rovers are all much closer to joining the Tigers in the top flight – Middlesbrough too, depending on which boundaries you wish to set for Yorkshire.

According to his Wikipedia entry, Green’s fallen out with, among others, Sir Alex Ferguson, Mark Saggers and Sam Allardyce, while he’s made racist remarks about black and Chinese people. Well, you can add Hull City fans to the list of people he’s insulted.


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