More Myhill media moans

Following on from my moans earlier this week about John Motson not bothering to learn how to pronounce Boaz Myhill’s first name, or his BBC colleague not realising he played for Wales, here’s another little example of how Hull City get a raw deal in the media.

Myhill’s performance at Spurs was rightly lauded in all newspapers, but i can’t help feel there was something patronising about their coverage. Chiefly it was the fact that I couldn’t find one newspaper on Sunday or Monday that awarded him 10 out of 10.

So we had the ridiculous situation of The Guardian commenting on Boaz Myhill thus: ‘The game of his life… Miraculous goalkeeping… Extraordinary performance… A bit special… Looked impregnable…’ and yet only awarding him 9 out of 10.

That was the same score as Liverpool’s Pepe Reina, who faced a whopping two shots on goal against Stoke City – a meek header from Ricardo Fuller straight at his hands which Reina nevertheless almost fumbled; and then Robert Huth’s two-yard tap-in which evaded the Reds keeper.

What did Myhill do wrong in the game, while keeping out 18 shots peppered at his goal? My hunch is absolutely nothing, except 10 out of 10 ratings are reserved for one of the superstar names like Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard of the Premier League having a great game.

A decent game from Reina in their eyes *is* equivalent to a player from Hull City, or any struggling Premier League side, having the game of his life. After all, how could Myhill be given a perfect score when the national media have barely heard of him?


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  1. MartinJon said

    I usually only look at the ratings after a game I didn’t see and I have to say it is tough being a Hull fan. I get enraged when I watch a game, like the Tottenham draw, where the announcers are, from the onset, saying Hulls best chance is to not give up, but fight a futile battle for their own amusement. I am glad to read a post so well deserved, go on you TIGERS!!

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