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West Ham United 3 Hull City 0

A thoroughly miserable afternoon where I can only think of one bright spot – out-of-his-depth winger Craig Fagan has hopefully made his last appearance for Hull City.

Let’s rattle through this game quickly as no one wants to dwell on it. The first 15 minutes saw City in a woeful mess with barely anyone managing to put a foot right.

This included the move which saw a terrible throw by Boaz Myhill eclipsed by a much worse ball by Andy Dawson to Tom Cairney, who was dispossessed and within seconds the ball was in the net in front of the City travelling support. Three minutes in and we’d already managed to shoot ourselves in the foot.

However, despite their early domination West Ham failed to score a second, thwarted by some wayward shooting and a superb Myhill parry on the goal-line, and City gradually settled into the game, finishing the half the better side. City went closest when a neat interception and sidestep from George Boateng on the edge of the box saw him lash a left-foot shot that their keeper did well to stop.

The second half began with City looking in control, keeping possession for long periods and stroking the ball round. And just as an equaliser looked likely, Fagan, already on a yellow card, lost out in a tussle and decided to drag his opponent to the ground. The action happened on the touchline near the half-way line so there was no imminent danger – Fagan just lost his cool and deserved his second caution.

And, with 10 v 11, the game passed firmly back into West Ham’s control. The points were sealed when a fabulous slide pass from midfield evaded Antony Gardner and was slotted home by Carlton Cole.

By the time of their late third goal, three substitutes had been made, Gardner had been stretchered off with a worrying leg injury putting us down to nine men.

So, any positives? Once he’d tried two dives which failed to kid the referee, full debutant Amr Zaki started to look lively and a goal threat. He wasn’t as effective as Jozy Altidore, however, who replaced him in the second half. George Boateng and Stephen Muoyokolo can be content with solid performances.

Several other players – Stephen Hunt, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink and Gardner immediately pop into my mind – were well off their best. Meanwhile Fagan, Dawson and Paul McShane did nothing to appease those detractors who think they’re not good enough for the Premier League.

Though our home form is good and the league is tight, realistically we won’t stay up this season if we don’t pick up some points away from home. We now have 15 days to plan a first away win in a year at Everton. Not having to carry a passenger in Fagan will do us no harm at all on this score.


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More Myhill media moans

Following on from my moans earlier this week about John Motson not bothering to learn how to pronounce Boaz Myhill’s first name, or his BBC colleague not realising he played for Wales, here’s another little example of how Hull City get a raw deal in the media.

Myhill’s performance at Spurs was rightly lauded in all newspapers, but i can’t help feel there was something patronising about their coverage. Chiefly it was the fact that I couldn’t find one newspaper on Sunday or Monday that awarded him 10 out of 10.

So we had the ridiculous situation of The Guardian commenting on Boaz Myhill thus: ‘The game of his life… Miraculous goalkeeping… Extraordinary performance… A bit special… Looked impregnable…’ and yet only awarding him 9 out of 10.

That was the same score as Liverpool’s Pepe Reina, who faced a whopping two shots on goal against Stoke City – a meek header from Ricardo Fuller straight at his hands which Reina nevertheless almost fumbled; and then Robert Huth’s two-yard tap-in which evaded the Reds keeper.

What did Myhill do wrong in the game, while keeping out 18 shots peppered at his goal? My hunch is absolutely nothing, except 10 out of 10 ratings are reserved for one of the superstar names like Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard of the Premier League having a great game.

A decent game from Reina in their eyes *is* equivalent to a player from Hull City, or any struggling Premier League side, having the game of his life. After all, how could Myhill be given a perfect score when the national media have barely heard of him?

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Tottenham Hotspur 0 Hull City 0

A game that will live long in the memory for Boaz Myhill’s stupendous performance in keeping out a tasty Spurs side who put five past us at a canter earlier this season at The Circle.

Particularly noteworthy were the one-on-one with Jermaine Defoe, a late Ian Ormondroyd* header and two double saves featuring lightning quick recoveries. The phrase ‘world class’ has been used to death but was totally fitting today.

But despite Myhill’s heroism, and the fact he’s played over 250 times for Hull City, and over 40 in the Premier League, BBC commentator John Motson couldn’t be bothered to find out how to pronounce his name, instead calling him Boz on Match of the Day.

Worse, the BBC’s post-match video interviewer asked Myhill if he was going to give England boss Fabio Capello a call – ignoring the fact he’s Wales’ goalkeeper already. Watch and weep at the end of this clip here.

Otherwise there was lots of tricky play for Spurs in places, but they looked pretty desperate as the game wore on and the breakthrough hadn’t come, falling back on the hoof to Ormondroyd* into the box and increasingly hopeful penalty appeals.

In the first half, their fans booed as two City players were treated for head injuries within a few minutes of each other, perceiving this as time wasting. The referee was swayed by this, within a few minutes booking Nick Barmby for not taking a throw-in himself but lobbing it to a team-mate to take. Poor decision from an otherwise good performance from the ref.

At the Spurs end there was less traffic, as Phil Brown has finally dispensed with the idea of playing strikers and instead selects multitudes of attacking midfielders – Craig Fagan, Barmby, Geovanni, Richard Garcia, Stephen Hunt – leaving seasoned international strikers Kamel Ghilas and Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink on the bench. However, Barmby should have done better with a close-range shot into the side netting and Garcia put a free header well wide.

Other points that are in my mind: Spurs weren’t selling alcohol to Hull City fans in the concourse; from several seats in the away end you can’t see the far left corner of the pitch; singing ‘you’re getting taxed in the morning to red-faced Harry Redknapp was a joy.

Click here to watch highlights of the game with foreign commentary – though this bloke can probably pronounce Boaz correctly.

* Yes, I know it was Peter Crouch, not Ian Ormondroyd, but have you ever seen them in the same room together? Exactly.

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