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An insight into the mind of football fans

To say it’s been a turbulent few weeks to be a Hull City fan is a vast understatement.

Adam Pearson replacing Paul Duffen in the chairman’s swivel chair; unceasing speculation about Phil Brown’s future as manager; the return to fitness of record signing Jimmy Bullard; investigations launched into our transfer dealings; and worrying noises about potential financial difficulties.

So which of the above is preying on Hull City fans’ minds most?

None, judging by the search terms fans are typing in to find this blog site. It seems there’s only one thing you want to know about – allegations of a relationship between Phil Brown and Paul Duffen’s daughter.

I have nothing to add to these rumours. I doubt whether anyone other than those directly involved know the truth. And I care not a jot either way.

However, when a caller to Radio Humberside mentioned it after the Portsmouth game, presenter David Burns was quick to tell them there was no truth in the rumours whatsoever. That’s probably about as close we’ll get to an official statement on it.

So can we move on from this speculation please and talk about the footy?


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Calling critical fans ‘despicable’ really is pathetic

Those City fans who remember the fag end of the Terry Dolan era will recall the ‘Martin Fish, Accountant’ song, directed at the hapless chairman who presided over such a depressing period of the club’s history.

So it was with interest that a rewritten version pinged into my SMS inbox, which goes as follows:

“Duffen’s a media mogul, he wears a mogul’s hat
He cooks the books at City, he is a lying ****
The club is nearly bankrupt, won 2 in 33
But Duffen says ‘it’s not my fault, just blame the fans not me’.”

You can view this merely as a fairly amusing pastiche – well I guffawed anyway. But you could draw parallels between the blind loyalty shown by Fish to Dolan and the current cosiness between Duffen to Brown.

For tonight Duffen has called any City fans who want Brown to be sacked ‘pathetic’ and ‘despicable’.

Now I’m torn between both Brown arguments: Most successful manager ever who deserves more time Vs presiding over a Derby-esque run with no end in sight. Some friends are virulently in the Brown Out camp; most veer between both points of view.

But all accept that it’s fair to criticise someone who has consistently failed for nearly 12 months.

Unfortunately, Duffen doesn’t agree, demanding blind loyalty.

To label Brown’s critics ‘despicable’, many of whom have been watching City home and away for decades before Duffen even knew we existed, will only intensify the rift between the management and the fans.

Another own goal.

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Capacity of KC Stadium ‘to be reduced’

THE capacity of Hull City’s KC Stadium may be reduced for the club’s upcoming second Premier League season, chairman Paul Duffen has today confirmed.

Up to 300 seats may need to be removed from the council-owned superstadium after the Tigers agreed a £5million fee with Fulham for striker Bobby Zamora.

Speaking from his yacht in the south of France, Duffen said: “Stadium manager John Cooper has met with Hull City Council and Humberside Police to discuss the signing of Bobby.

“They have told him that, should the deal go through, Row Z in the North and South Stands will no longer be safe for fans to sit on for health and safety reasons.

“However, farmers near our Cottingham training ground can continue to sleep easy, knowing their barn doors will remain undamaged by our footballs and their cows’ arses will not be troubled by banjos.”

If Zamora does sign for the club, Duffen has reassured fans with season tickets in the affected areas they will be placed in a draw for the chance to win a ticket for elsewhere in the ground.

Speaking from his spray tan booth, Hull City manager Phil Brown said: “You know me, I never comment on any signings until the deal is signed, sealed and delivered.”

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