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Hull City helping to save the tigers

Hull City have donated £1,500 to wild tiger conservation charity 21st Century Tiger, according to their website.

The cash was raised from a golf match and the Ricky Hatton sportsmans’ dinner.

So we’re helping to save tigers – but who will save the Tigers?


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Hull City AFC tat of yesteryear, part 2

It’s Melly’s Mammaries time again, as we dredge up something of minor interest from Hull City’s past.

And it’s another t-shirt but its date, or even the point of it, eludes me.

Hull City night matches t-shirt

Hull City night matches t-shirt

Bear in mind it’s an official Hull City product. Someone at the club decided that playing under floodlights was so brilliant, they deserve their own t-shirt. (Although perhaps there was a day match version as well?)

Aside from the pointlessness, and the fact it misses the ‘A’ in Hull City FC, it’s quite nicely designed. But surely all six floodlights should be on there?

* Have you got any Hull City tat you want people to know about? Add a comment below.

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