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Hull City 1 Stoke City 2 – Twitter match commentary

Here’s how Twitter users reported Hull City’s 1-2 defeat at home to Stoke City.

You can get plenty of polished match reports on the web – but here are the off-the-cuff remarks from fans at the game or watching on hooky internet connections.

thekempton: #hcafc getting out of the Circle easy today as half the City fans left well before end. “Don’t dream it’s over” sang Crowded House on tannoy

lugster: So, we can look forward to two easy final games against Bolton and ManUre with a mixture of fear and loathing. #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc full-time 1-2. Right result in the end. We deserved nothing. Horton on pitch remonstrating with ref. Loads of booing.

thekempton: #hcafc 1-2. Dawson free-kick towards end of 8 mins injury time, though.

thekempton: @cjtyrrell we’re out of ideas. Low confidence. No King any more. Geo off form. #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc 2-0 down. Superb strike from Lawrence. Game over.

thekempton: #hcafc Zayatte being stretchered off. Geo on. Need a reshuffle – prob Mendy at RB, Ricketts at CB.

thekempton: Stoke hit the bar. Zayatte takes second blow to head #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc couple of close calls. Subs: Garcia and Cousin for Mendy and Manucho.

thekempton: Great Stoke save from a #hcafc shot which I couldn’t quite see. Corner comes to nothing.

thekempton: Common consensus here – this is the worst #hcafc have played all season. Booed off. Really can’t envisage us scoring.

barog: Handball in there from our angle – Fuller maybe #Hcafc 0-1

thekempton: #hcafc one nil down from a corner. Of course.

thekempton: #hcafc Garcia and Zayatte both spurn good chances

thekempton: #hcafc really bad first ten minutes and crowd subdued. Bit of an improvement since with Barmby looking on form.

thekempton: #hcafc subs Duke, Hughes, Mendy, Halmosi, Marney, Manucho, Geo.

thekempton: #hcafc line-up: Myhill, Ricketts, Turner, Zayatte, Dawson, Garcia, Boateng, Kilbane, Barmby, Cousin, Fagan

jghull: That nervous about today I keep having nosebleeds. City owe me a win! #hcafc


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Hull City 1 Liverpool 3 – Twitter match commentary

Here’s how Twitter users reported Hull City’s 1-3 defeat at home to Liverpool.

You can get plenty of polished match reports on the web – but here are the off-the-cuff remarks from fans at the game or watching on hooky internet connections.

andymedcalf: I’m surprised also. Although most of scouse possession was between their back four, so it’s hardly representative of the game #hcafc

thekempton: Possession count according to tabloids this morning – #hcafc 27 per cent, Liverpool 73 per cent. Very surprising.

andymedcalf: @thekempton I didn’t think it was bad, though City players inexplicably kept losing their footing. Liv players too easily went down. #hcafc

thekempton: Apparently a Scouser sat in the East Stand got gobby when Liverpool scored against #hcafc and got filled in.

thekempton: #hcafc Benitez said pitch was terrible. Ball was like a rabbit bouncing up and down.

thekempton: #hcafc Liverpool score – 3-1. Game over. First legit goal they’ve scored against us out of five this season.

thekempton: #hcafc Manucho on for Boateng

thekempton: #hcafc oh yeah, Mendy and Cousin on for Fagan and Barmby a while back.

thekempton: #hcafc 2-0 down. Lucas handled in build-up to the goal according to Setanta.

thekempton: #hcafc hard to tell if Folan gave the Liverpool defender a sly kick or whether he was trying to jump over him. Innocuous either way.

thekempton: #hcafc Folan straight red for clash with their defender.

thekempton: #hcafc fat Setanta pundit says we’re playing like tigers today and not as previous weeks like Tigger the Frosties tiger. Er, that’s Tony.

thekempton: #hcafc Mascherano clutched his leg to win the free-kick like he’d been bludgeoned with a baseball bat, yet he wasn’t touched. Disgraceful.

thekempton: #hcafc 0-1 a few seconds before half-time for second week in row. Fromrebound from a free-kick which was a ridiculous, blatant dive. Cruel.
barog: Looked like a dive from SE corner #Hcafc

theSmaw: @barog You sound a happy bunch #hcafc

barog: Best atmosphere this season coming across well? #Hcafc

barog: Great start City #Hcafc

theSmaw: @thekempton Iraqgoals has a good stream today. Shame we haven’t closed down other teams like we are doing today #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc Great long-range shot from Geo flashes wide. Commentary is out of sync with pictures, which is about two minutes behind reality

thekempton: #hcafc Put your clog behind it, Zayatte! He’s faffing with it in the middle.

westmo: #hcafc come on citaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

thekempton: #hcafc great touch from Myhill to put Torres shot out for corner. Should have been dealt with earlier.

theSmaw: watching #hcafc on

hullkr_online: @thekempton good luck to all #hcafc speccies today

thekempton: #hcafc subs: Duke, Hughes, Garcia, Mendy, Halmosi, Cousin, Manucho.

thekempton: @adamcoatham if #hcafc got 1 point from the Liverpool, Man United and Aston Villa games I’d be delighted. Key is to beat Stoke or Bolton.

adamcoatham: @thekempton Nor me, 2nd game it’s happened to me for, couldn’t get a ticket for West Ham. Not confident today! #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc I didn’t manage to get a ticket for Liverpool game – first home game it’s happened – but will pass on anything notable from tellybox.

tomcavill: Feeling confident about #hcafc today, for some mad reason. Fagan brace to keep us afloat!

barog: Going to just relax and enjoy #hcafc today – no real expectations 🙂

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Sunderland v Hull City – Twitter match report

Here’s how Twitter users reported Hull City’s 1-0 defeat at Sunderland.

You can get plenty of polished match reports on the web – but here are the off-the-cuff remarks from fans at the game.

Grim reading as usual.

Stadium of Light from the away end

Stadium of Light from the away end

andymedcalf: Just to twist the knife further, reports are that Cissy’s goal was offside today. Just our bluddy luck. And why didn’t barmby start? #hcafc

adamcoatham: #hcafc unlucky to lose, but it doesn’t look good now, not good at all

thekempton: #hcafc full-time one-nil defeat.

thekempton: #hcafc sunderland hit the post.

thekempton: #hcafc four mins injury time.

thekempton: #hcafc having plenty of chances but putting them 10 yards wide.

thekempton: #hcafc subs – Barmby, Mendy for Geo, Boateng.

thekempton: #hcafc Turner’s playing up front now.

thekempton: #hcafc substitution Folan for Marney. Hmm.

adamcoatham: #hcafc undeserved goal for sunderland right on half time, gutting

thekempton: #hcafc one nil down. Cisse gets free of marker to head home from cross in injury time.

thekempton: #hcafc shot cleared off the line. We’re in the ascendancy.

thekempton: #hcafc end to end start. Goalmouth scramble we should have cleared. Couple of corners etc we could have done more with.

adamcoatham: #hcafc Row 4 right behind the goal. Why arethey playing the Apprentice music?!

thekempton: #hcafc subs: Duke, Doyle, Barmby, Mendy, Halmosi, Folan, Cousin.

thekempton: #hcafc starting XI: Myhill, Ricketts, Zayatte, Turner, Dawson, Fagan, Geovanni, Boateng, Marney, Kilbane, Manucho.

tomcavill: Bo Myhill back in nets for city v sunderland. This good. Ashbee suspended. This is bad. #hcafc

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Hull City v Middlesbrough – Twitter match report

How Twitter users reported Hull City’s 3-1 defeat at Middlesbrough. Note as always, these are live off-the-cuff remarks, not polished after the match.

There were two photos posted:

View from the away end at Middlesbrough game

View from the away end at Middlesbrough game

Right side hull city

Right side hull city

And here’s the comments as they unfolded.

#hcafc 3-1 game over.

4:52 PM – thekempton

#hcafc deflected cross cleared off line by Boro. Sub – Fagan off, Boateng on. Hmm.

4:34 PM – thekempton

#hcafc sub – Folan on for Barmby. Hmm.

4:25 PM – thekempton

#hcafc Marney on for Mendy for second half. Started brightly.

4:09 PM – thekempton

#hcafc Poor game between two poor teams. Boro edging it on effort and concentration.

4:01 PM – adamcoatham

#hcafc two one down at half time, very worried

4:00 PM – adamcoatham

#hcafc two-one down at ht from two very very poor defensive errors. Second goal has taken sting out of game. Gone very scrappy.

3:51 PM – thekempton

#hcafc Duke seems unable to kick today. Throwing it at every opportunity. We didn’t mark on their second goal.

3:38 PM – thekempton

#hcafc 2-1 down from a corner that was nowhere near going out.

3:31 PM – thekempton

#hcafc just gone so close to 2-1 up. Boro had chances too. Plenty of goals to come.

3:27 PM – thekempton

#hcafc King flattens Dawson off ball, right in front of linesman. Should be off but Bennett doesn’t consult TV replays for lower teams.

3:16 PM – thekempton

#Hcafc manucho scores another vital goal 1-1 come on City!!

3:12 PM – barog

#hcafc 1-1! Come on!

3:11 PM – thekempton

#Hcafc argh 1-0

3:06 PM – barog

#hcafc one-nil down inside three minutes. Defensive error.

3:06 PM – thekempton

#hcafc “she said no Marlon, she said no”. City fans give Marlon King a friendly greeting.

2:53 PM – thekempton

#hcafc subs Subs: Myhill, Halmosi, Kilbane, Folan, Boateng, Marney, Featherstone.

2:33 PM – thekempton

#hcafc line-up Duke, Ricketts, Zayatte, Turner, Dawson, Fagan, Mendy, Ashbee, Barmby, Geovanni, Manucho.

2:33 PM – thekempton

Predicting a tense one nil to City, Turner header. That’ll do me!

12:22 PM – adamcoatham

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Follow Hull City v Newcastle United on Twitter

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Twitter, the social network website beloved by celebrity users like Stephen Fry, Barack Obama, Jonathan Ross and Terry Dolan.*

Twitter consists of short, lightning-quick text updates, viewable to anyone on most modern mobile phones or on any computer – so it seems a perfect way of spreading football information too.

At the weekend I followed a Hull KR game courtesy of the club’s official Twitterer,, and the brevity and speed of the updates gave it an exciting. breathless feel.

Since Hull City’s communications with fans lags way behind the Robins nowadays – and let’s not dwell on that too long for the moment – City fans will need to cover the games via Twitter ourselves.

So, starting with the crucial 12-pointer with Newcastle United on Saturday, why not join in and send real-time news, views, musings, observations, gallows humour and suicidal shrieks to Twitter? That’s whether you’re watching in the flesh at the Circle or on a hooky internet site.

The Three O’Clock At Kempton Hull City blog will be Twittering, once Ive finished chewing those rubbery hot dogs into submission, but anyone else can join in too.

Just sign up to Twitter and send updates, making sure you put the code #hcafc somewhere in each one.

Then all our posts will show up on ths page on Twitter Search –

You will also be able to see the latest 10 at the top of the right-hand column on The Three O’Clock At Kempton Hull City blog’s website.

Only a germ of an idea at the moment, but if it takes off, it could be a useful resource. Can’t quite tell if Michael Owen was ten yards offside, or twenty? What the hell does that Ghetto Of Excellence flag actually mean? A Twittering Hull City fan somewhere will be able to answer these, and more.

* No sign of Terry Dolan yet, I must confess.

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