Away support at Hull City games this season


Wondered how many away fans there were at a Hull City league game this season? I couldn’t find the information via a cursory search on Google, so I thought I’d type it up from the matchday programme.

How many fans Hull City took to away league games this season:
3070 to Manchester United
2963 to Liverpool
2331 to Bolton Wanderers
2255 to Manchester City
2040 to Sunderland
1892 to Burnley
1851 to West Ham United
1397 to Tottenham Hotspur
1460 to Arsenal
1455 to Chelsea
1449 to Aston Villa
1449 to Wolverhampton Wanderers
1315 to Stoke City
1212 to Portsmouth
1101 to Fulham
1095 to Blackburn Rovers
0744 to Everton
TBC Birmingham City
TBC Wigan Athletic

So, as predicted, the televised capitulation at Everton – Phil Brown’s last away game in charge – saw our lowest away following of the season by a long way. Though, curiously, it was one of our noisiest days out.

Otherwise, we’ve not dipped under the 1000 mark, which is some achievement given we’ve not won on our travels for 14 months.

How many visiting fans came to games at The Circle this season:
2557 Arsenal fans
2521 Wolverhampton Wanderers fans
2512 Manchester City fans
2509 West Ham United fans
2506 Chelsea fans
2163 Manchester United fans
1607 Everton fans
1594 Tottenham Hotspur fans
1454 Stoke City fans
1375 Blackburn Rovers fans
1174 Burnley fans
0932 Portsmouth fans
0912 Bolton Wanderers fans
0870 Birmingham City fans
0808 Wigan Athletic fans
0494 Fulham fans
TBC Sunderland
TBC Aston Villa
TBC Liverpool

Fulham's travelling support at Hull City

European big guns Fulham bring 474 fans to Hull.

It’s galling to see teams comfortably safe in the Premier League with such minimal support. Fulham’s away support must be the lowest we’ve seen for many years, while City took three times as many on a midweek night to Bolton as they brought to our place on a Saturday afternoon.

Obviously, all these figures are skewed by the fact that some were midweek games and some were on TV, which affects how many people travel.

I’ll post a further update at the end of the season.



  1. dave said

    870 for birmingham? thats not correct we had over a 1000 definatletly

  2. Dave, I’ve double-checked and that’s the offical figure for Birmingham.

    If it’s any consolation, Aston Villa’s support in midweek was probably lower.

    Wolves are the Midlands big guns by these figures, with three times as big travelling support.

  3. fulhamfc said

    fulham had a f a cup quarter final away to spurs 3 days before and a europa league quarter final 4 days later

  4. 2touch said

    Fulham’s away support is an embarassment. Don’t try and make excuses. You couldn’t even sell out QPR away last time you played us. What was the reason for that?

  5. conor said

    We defientley had more than 870 – Birmingham city by the way, do you know the coaches decided not to bother as the traffic was that bad, 2 official coaches made it at half time, during this whole time we even had more than 870 in the stands, I know this for sure as we were very near a sellout

  6. Oli said

    2touch, how were the fans this year? did we sell out? i think so. and tbh i couldnt give a toss what you think. its pretty hard going on the road with fulham, i’ve seen us win three times out of god knows how many away days.. since 2006 our away has become woeful.. why should we fork out to go on the road to see us lose week in week out.. every other team, has a bigger fan base, actually wins a few games away or is a newly promoted side.. the other teams like wigan and bolton have worse away support than us.. you might say, oh but wigan brought 800 to hull, how far is hull from wigan…

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