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Hull City 1 Stoke City 2 – Twitter match commentary

Here’s how Twitter users reported Hull City’s 1-2 defeat at home to Stoke City.

You can get plenty of polished match reports on the web – but here are the off-the-cuff remarks from fans at the game or watching on hooky internet connections.

thekempton: #hcafc getting out of the Circle easy today as half the City fans left well before end. “Don’t dream it’s over” sang Crowded House on tannoy

lugster: So, we can look forward to two easy final games against Bolton and ManUre with a mixture of fear and loathing. #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc full-time 1-2. Right result in the end. We deserved nothing. Horton on pitch remonstrating with ref. Loads of booing.

thekempton: #hcafc 1-2. Dawson free-kick towards end of 8 mins injury time, though.

thekempton: @cjtyrrell we’re out of ideas. Low confidence. No King any more. Geo off form. #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc 2-0 down. Superb strike from Lawrence. Game over.

thekempton: #hcafc Zayatte being stretchered off. Geo on. Need a reshuffle – prob Mendy at RB, Ricketts at CB.

thekempton: Stoke hit the bar. Zayatte takes second blow to head #hcafc

thekempton: #hcafc couple of close calls. Subs: Garcia and Cousin for Mendy and Manucho.

thekempton: Great Stoke save from a #hcafc shot which I couldn’t quite see. Corner comes to nothing.

thekempton: Common consensus here – this is the worst #hcafc have played all season. Booed off. Really can’t envisage us scoring.

barog: Handball in there from our angle – Fuller maybe #Hcafc 0-1

thekempton: #hcafc one nil down from a corner. Of course.

thekempton: #hcafc Garcia and Zayatte both spurn good chances

thekempton: #hcafc really bad first ten minutes and crowd subdued. Bit of an improvement since with Barmby looking on form.

thekempton: #hcafc subs Duke, Hughes, Mendy, Halmosi, Marney, Manucho, Geo.

thekempton: #hcafc line-up: Myhill, Ricketts, Turner, Zayatte, Dawson, Garcia, Boateng, Kilbane, Barmby, Cousin, Fagan

jghull: That nervous about today I keep having nosebleeds. City owe me a win! #hcafc


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Download Amber & Black – The Tigers Are Back

OK, so the Pirate Bay guys are going to jail – but what the hell, let’s stick our necks out and link to a download of copyrighted material which we saw on the interwebz.

I can’t imagine this is still for sale anywhere, but anyone wants us to remove the link, please just say so and it’ll be done asap.

Anyway, for the time being, this is Amber & Black’s superb track The Tigers Are Back in MP3 format.

It’s a little bit electro and a little shouty, like Sparks or something. It was the first record I ever owned and despite years of plays, my copy has held up quite well.

I have a hazy memory of Don Robinson throwing free copies into the South Stand at one game, but I bought ours.

The best lines were, of course, “We’ll paint the town amber / And yell it out in the street / We are Hull City /
The City no one can beat.”

However, even at a young age I thought the rhyming of ‘tiger’ with ‘decider’ in the chorus was a bit dodgy.

The b-side was great too. An instrumental version, except for the Hull City players singing “We’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league” etc at the end. I don’t know if anyone has ever uploaded that to the internet, though.

The artists behind it have done lots of other stuff since, but this is their defining moment.

Download The Tigers Are Back here from

(Click on download and ignore all the attempts it makes to sell you a premiumn account. Just put up with the ads for 90 seconds and the Free download button will appear).

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Dean Windass banned from blogging

A bit late but I just noticed this announcement on the ITV website from last month that Hull City have banned Dean Windass from continuing his blog for them.

Dean’s loan spell at Oldham has now been terminated and he has returned to Hull where he will be concentrating on coaching the club’s youngsters and playing for the reserves.

Sadly his deal to return to the KC Stadium stated he could no longer continue with his media work which means there will be no further updates to this blog. But stay tuned for an announcement of a new blogger.

Probably for the best, since it seemed to the cause of the fall-out between him and Phil Brown. But it’s a shame that the one footballer who was actually honest in his comments, rather than issuing the same old tired cliches, has been told to shut up.

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Hull City are already virtually safe from relegation

Well, according to former referee Jeff Winter, who has been compiling the League of Injustice of all the wrong decisions made by refs which have affected the result of Premier League games.

His latest update from last Tuesday has us at 38 points, nine clear of the bottom three of Blackburn Rovers, Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion.

Presumably he will add an extra point for the Sunderland goal which never was this week too.

Though of course, we may not have been playing in the league this weekend anyway if Arsenal’s offside winner in the FA Cup quarter-final had been ruled out.

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Hull City AFC tat of yesteryear, part 3

It’s Melly’s Mammaries time again, as we dredge up something of minor interest from Hull City’s past.

Anyone get the feeling this t-shirt (pictured front and back, though it’s not easy to tell which is which) wasn’t official?

Hull City t-shirt front (or is it back?)

Hull City t-shirt front (or is it back?)

Hull City t-shirt back (or is it front?)

Hull City t-shirt back (or is it front?)

There are a couple of clues:

* Hull Are Back. That’s all very well but what has that rugby team got to do with it? Hull City Are Back, or City Are Back, would be more fitting.
* Hull Tigers. Who made this t-shirt, David Lloyd? Er, you do know we’re called Hull City, don’t you?
* Taylor’s Promotion Army. Has anyone ever used the phrase before?
* And the fact it was for sale from a stall outside The Circle as well.

Have you got any Hull City tat you want people to know about? Add a comment below.

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Hull City AFC tat of yesteryear, part 2

It’s Melly’s Mammaries time again, as we dredge up something of minor interest from Hull City’s past.

And it’s another t-shirt but its date, or even the point of it, eludes me.

Hull City night matches t-shirt

Hull City night matches t-shirt

Bear in mind it’s an official Hull City product. Someone at the club decided that playing under floodlights was so brilliant, they deserve their own t-shirt. (Although perhaps there was a day match version as well?)

Aside from the pointlessness, and the fact it misses the ‘A’ in Hull City FC, it’s quite nicely designed. But surely all six floodlights should be on there?

* Have you got any Hull City tat you want people to know about? Add a comment below.

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Terry Dolan saved Hull City, claims magazine

Terry Dolan saved Hull City.

Or at least that’s the opinion of this article in The Journal, the spin-off magazine produced by the Hull Daily Mail.

Take a read and see if you can see any spin. Here’s two to get you started:

The manager many fans today still do not realise saved the club on three separate occasions from winding-up orders, thanks to his successful work in the transfer market

Erm, perhaps if he didn’t take a slice of those transfer fees himself. we’d have been a bit better off?

The club ended up in the basement football division

What, as if by magic? Or perhaps we arrived there after Terry Dolan’s team posted the worst ever points total in our history, for which he was rewarded with a longer, juicier contract. Even in the basement division he could only manage to finish 16th, despite being one of the bigger teams.

And you’ve got to love photos like this!

Terry Dolan picture from The Journal. Used without consent for illustrative purposes.

Terry Dolan picture from The Journal. Used without consent for illustrative purposes.

* Tell us what your favourite bit of the Terry D interview is by adding your comments below.

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