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We are the pride of all Yorkshire

Is Middlesbrough in Yorkshire? Who cares any more?

After the Smog Monsters’ relegation, the debate over whether they’re a rubbish Yorkshire side (as they were seen traditionally) or a rubbish North Eastern side (as they are happy to be portrayed nowadays) becomes irrelevant.

And with a woeful Sheffield United falling well short of Premier League quality in the play-off final yesterday, it confirms what everyone has alway known in their hearts anyway – Hull City is Yorkshire’s finest team.

* The best league team in Yorkshire (17th in the Premier League).
* The best FA Cup team in Yorkshire (quarter finalists).
* The best reserves team in Yorkshire (9th in the Reserves Premier League North).
* The best youth team in Yorkshire (2nd in North East Youth Alliance).

No Yorkshire team fared better in any of these competitions.

And with Hull Kingston Rovers currently the county’s top Rugby League side, who can argue that Hull is the sporting capital of Yorkshire?


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Hull City v Middlesbrough – Twitter match report

How Twitter users reported Hull City’s 3-1 defeat at Middlesbrough. Note as always, these are live off-the-cuff remarks, not polished after the match.

There were two photos posted:

View from the away end at Middlesbrough game

View from the away end at Middlesbrough game

Right side hull city

Right side hull city

And here’s the comments as they unfolded.

#hcafc 3-1 game over.

4:52 PM – thekempton

#hcafc deflected cross cleared off line by Boro. Sub – Fagan off, Boateng on. Hmm.

4:34 PM – thekempton

#hcafc sub – Folan on for Barmby. Hmm.

4:25 PM – thekempton

#hcafc Marney on for Mendy for second half. Started brightly.

4:09 PM – thekempton

#hcafc Poor game between two poor teams. Boro edging it on effort and concentration.

4:01 PM – adamcoatham

#hcafc two one down at half time, very worried

4:00 PM – adamcoatham

#hcafc two-one down at ht from two very very poor defensive errors. Second goal has taken sting out of game. Gone very scrappy.

3:51 PM – thekempton

#hcafc Duke seems unable to kick today. Throwing it at every opportunity. We didn’t mark on their second goal.

3:38 PM – thekempton

#hcafc 2-1 down from a corner that was nowhere near going out.

3:31 PM – thekempton

#hcafc just gone so close to 2-1 up. Boro had chances too. Plenty of goals to come.

3:27 PM – thekempton

#hcafc King flattens Dawson off ball, right in front of linesman. Should be off but Bennett doesn’t consult TV replays for lower teams.

3:16 PM – thekempton

#Hcafc manucho scores another vital goal 1-1 come on City!!

3:12 PM – barog

#hcafc 1-1! Come on!

3:11 PM – thekempton

#Hcafc argh 1-0

3:06 PM – barog

#hcafc one-nil down inside three minutes. Defensive error.

3:06 PM – thekempton

#hcafc “she said no Marlon, she said no”. City fans give Marlon King a friendly greeting.

2:53 PM – thekempton

#hcafc subs Subs: Myhill, Halmosi, Kilbane, Folan, Boateng, Marney, Featherstone.

2:33 PM – thekempton

#hcafc line-up Duke, Ricketts, Zayatte, Turner, Dawson, Fagan, Mendy, Ashbee, Barmby, Geovanni, Manucho.

2:33 PM – thekempton

Predicting a tense one nil to City, Turner header. That’ll do me!

12:22 PM – adamcoatham

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